The annual return of the fine arts festival


Karina Castanon, News Editor

Not only is Guilford famous for its accomplishments in sports and academics but also its successes in the fine arts including theater, band, studio art, and graphic design. The Fine Arts Festival which was held on April 26th in the gymnasium gave the opportunity for some of these students to showcase their talents.

“I think it’s important for Guilford to have a Fine Arts Festival to showcase our hard work and let viewers enjoy it as well,” said Bella Amarsaikhan, AP art senior. “It was amazing that people I don’t know compliment me or give me constructive criticism to help me.”

The AP art students had their art work displayed in the hallway to the entrance of the gym. Artwork from lower level art classes were displayed. They varied from simple pen sketches to virtually made graphics including some photos from the photography class students.

“I had been working on my art for so many months, days, and hours,” said Stefon Jones, AP art senior. “The hard work showed & definitely paid off when they were hung.”

After a couple hours of viewing the art student’s projects, the crowd was directed towards the gymnasium for the first performance of the night. There was a performance by concert band, which combined with the freshmen band, and a separate performance from wind ensemble.

“Having performed three years prior I didn’t think anything of it,” said Abbie Haak, band senior. “I started tearing up as I realized that it was my last concert at Guilford, it was definitely a bittersweet moment.”

It was an emotional night for band seniors and soon to be retired band director, Mr. Rick Derango. This year’s fine arts festival also happened to be the last one Mr. Derango would be conducting with the band students.

“It was a little surreal,” said Mr. Derango. “I knew the day would come, but when it happened it was hard to grasp the reality of it all. I was hoping it would be just like any other performance and that’s just what it was.”

In the past few years, band students did not receive a traditional senior night. This year, Mr. Derango recognized them for their hard work and accomplishments at the start of each performance. Derango wishes the best for his graduating band seniors and has a bit of advice before they go off on their own paths.

“I hope they feel their time with the Guilford band has been worthwhile,” said Derango. “Not just musically but what they hopefully learned can be applied to many aspects of their lives. I would give them the same advice I gave my sons. It’s your life do what you want to do with it.”