Summer Training


Lauren Bear, Editor-In-Chief

As school gym classes come to an end, it’s tricky for students to stay fit over the summer if you don’t belong to a gym or own workout materials. It is also difficult for athletes who don’t have a mandatory practice schedule during the off season, so what can students do to stay in shape?

“It’s good to stay fit because, for me, it’s a stress reliever,” said Brandon Harmsen, sophomore. “When you work out you forget about stuff and want to push yourself.”

Staying active has been proven to reduce stress, increase energy, and improve self-esteem. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), young adults should participate in at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity per week or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity aerobic activity with muscle strengthening on two or more days a week.

During their season, student athletes go through intensive workouts, training for their sport. In the off season, it is not as easy and regimented to stay in shape without guidance of your coaches and peers. However, off season training is just as crucial.

“It’s important to keep your body in its best physical condition so that you are able to successfully endure the physical demands of an entire sport season without injury,” said Sports Strength and Conditioning teacher Mr. Casey Kilduff. “Failing to participate in summer strength and conditioning programs puts the athlete in a position where they are at a greater risk for injury as a result of being physically unprepared for the demands of the sport season.”

Some athletes decide to participate in club leagues to stay active and to get additional practice for their season.

“I do club soccer, so we play all year round so there’s not really an off season,” said Harmsen.  “I am always playing and training, so that keeps me fit.”

Gym class, for a majority of students, is their main exercise outlet. Harmsen gets his workouts in during Strength and Conditioning, where students learn how to lift weights and do different aerobic exercises.

Another way to get motivated to go to the gym or stay active during the summer is by training with a friend.

“I do competitions with my sisters to see who can lift more or burn more calories,” said Eunice Santana, freshman. “Working out with a partner or training buddy makes it a lot more fun and easier for me to push harder.”

It might seem intimidating to start going to the gym and working out. It is recommended to start working out using low weights with high reps. Over time, slowly move into higher weights and never lift out of your comfort range.

Gym memberships can tend to be pricey and a hassle to keep up with. Luckily, there are other ways to stay in shape such as watching videos, calisthenics, and running.

“No gym membership? No Problem! All students are encourage and have the opportunity to participate in summer strength training at Guilford for free,” said Mr.Kilduff. “Staff will be on hand during open weight room sessions to guide and facilitate student athletes through a structured training program.”

Gym Memberships:

Peak – $50/month

YMCA- free if you volunteer 5 hours a month

Anytime Fitness- $36/month

Planet fitness- $10/month

Fit me wellness- $35/month