Lime bikes invade the city


Zekia Daniels, Reporter

Lime bikes are available in the Rockford Region for $1 for thirty minutes. There is no specific spot where the bike needs to be parked; they just automatically stop after thirty minutes of riding.

“I started noticing them about two weeks ago,” said Ms. Katie Newhouse, HPS principle. “I wondered who could use them. I originally thought the bikes were just for school students and faculty because this is where I saw them first.”

In order to use Lime Bikes, users have to download the app called “Limebike” for free. Then they can scan the code from the app and it automatically charges them, and they can ride anywhere in Rockford.

“I think it’s extremely helpful especially with it about to be summer, and people love to get out of the house during the summer,” said Mercedes Hejda, junior.

Lime bikes are put out for the community to use so people can get around better and for exercise purposes, although some think they are pointless and wonder where their dollar is going.

“I personally think the dollar is too much, especially only for it to be for 30 minutes, and nobody really knows where the money is going to,” said Mr.Ron Leonhardt, school psychologist.

Lime bikes have a voice as well, meaning if you touch the bike and appear to be tampering with it; a voice will come through and warn you that they may call the police.