Students take on faculty in practice Quiz Bowl

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Students take on faculty in practice Quiz Bowl

Karina Castanon, News Editor

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“What is the name of the hippo from the children’s television show The Backyardigans?”
Time is ticking away, and to the side, you hear students and teachers quickly mumbling possible answers to unexpected questions. Full of random facts, students search their minds for the answer. A shout comes from the Guilford Quiz Bowl team: “Uniqua!” This wins the students ten points against the faculty team.
Jada Pagan, junior, went into the student vs. faculty Quiz Bowl game with the intent to beat the staff after a previous loss. With confidence, Pagan was determined to win while still having a good time.
“Teachers like Mr. Miner are very strong in the subjects we cover,” said Pagan. “It was very competitive because we really wanted to win this time, but my mindset was not to worry about it and just have fun.”
The Quiz Bowl team consists of many seniors who have been in the academic sport since their freshman year, many of whom will miss the laughs and team bonding they experienced competing alongside one another for the past four years. Breon Newble, senior, is one of many who have reached an end to his Quiz Bowl career.
“Since joining Quiz Bowl I’ve learned so many things that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise in my classes,” said Newble. “For anyone looking to join Quiz Bowl, I would say don’t be scared of joining simply because you believe you’re not smart enough.”
Mr. David Lynch, math teacher and leader of the Quiz Bowl team, encourages students to take a chance with the sport and come out to one of their meetings. Meetings are twice a week and begin in late September. Students involved in fall sports can still join as long as they go talk to Mr. Lynch.
“Just try it,” said Mr. Lynch. “It can be intimidating at first but come and see. It’s supposed to be fun.”
Quiz Bowl is a competitive sport, so some students may find it a bit intimidating and be hesitant to join. Students in Quiz Bowl all agree that you don’t have to be a total genius to be successful in the sport.
“It’s not so much about knowing everything,” said Pagan, “but having the confidence to try your best and buzz in when you think you know the answer and just take that chance.”