Annihilation movie review

C. J. Larson, E

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Annihilation is a decent sci-fi film with some redeeming aspects and scenes but falls short of great because of its confusing story, which includes some inconsistent sci-fi ‘rules’, and its unexplainable ending.
Annihilation is based on the novel with the same title by Jeff VanderMeer, which is relatively obscure on its own. While I can’t talk on the accuracy of the film when compared to the novel, I can tell you that its plot and story are extremely ambiguous. You learn about this mysterious phenomenon called the “shimmer” through the characters’ eyes, but while that can be an excellent storytelling technique, it tends to just be somewhat forced and confusing here. Things are not well-explained and the rules of this Shimmer are practically ever-changing. This technique can be used effectively to give us a sense of mystery about a place or thing, like a “macguffin,” a plot device in the form of a desired object or goal usually with little explanation. In Annihilation, though, the story never reaches a conclusion and the ending leaves the viewers with more questions than were answered. Even if you look deeper into the film, you find unexplainable phenomena which just leave you overwhelmed with questions. Annihilation,has some redeeming qualities like its intense horror scenes and unique imagery but falls short of great for its lackluster viewer experience.