A new kind of king

Marvel's biggest hit triumphs the box office with record breaking sum of $654.225 million, becoming the third-biggest domestic grosser of all time

Titus Copeland, Reporter

Black Panther has made a gross income of over $700 million in the box office in over three weeks and has become Marvel’s third highest grossing movie. Not only was it a huge, it was also another great installment to Marvel’s cinematic universe as it introduced new and interesting characters. These characters include the villain Erik Killmonger (played by Michael B. Jordan) who not just a power hungry character but is more sympathetic and complex than the movie’s protagonist, the Black Panther. Some have theorized that Erik Killomonger is actually the true hero of the movie, which from a certain perspective makes sense. The film’s setting is mostly in a futuristic African city called Wakanda, which is quite fascinating to look at when African culture is mixing with advanced technology.
What made Black Panther stand out from other Marvel films is that it is the first superhero film that left a cultural impact. The film provides insight about African culture in a different perspective that the audience would have never seen in a Marvel film. The movie also tackles modern day politics with real life situations and current day issues which other superhero movies have lacked. Other superhero movies that involved politics are Captain America: Civil War and Batman v. Superman. These films uses the advantage of politics for more fight scenes between superheroes to satisfy fans and did not deal with the real life situations seriously unlike the movies, the comic books and took politics and government seriously
“I believe all Marvel films have the overall theme of superheroes and villains,” said Xavier Davis, sophomore. “But this one has a bit of culture and historical value that’s makes it a bit different, but that’s all. Still is a good movie though.”
What we will expect from the future is that the ending of Black Panther will lead to the next Marvel film, Avengers Infinity War pt. 1, which will be released in theaters on April 27th, 2018.