The Voyager’s Superbowl LII recap


Jeffrey Larsen, Reporter

This year’s Super Bowl was one for the ages, one in which back-up quarterback Nick Foles, who had taken over for the injured MVP candidate Carson Wentz, led the underdog  Philadelphia Eagles to defeat the New England Patriots and All-Time great quarterback Tom Brady.


This Super Bowl was not at all what was expected. Forbes favored the Patriots by 7.5 points when they released their odds, which was a common belief amongst fans. Despite having the best record in their conference, Philadelphia was an underdog in each of their playoff games.


“I wanted to see the Patriots go back to back,” said Terrence Ross, senior Patriots fan, “Even when we were down I still had faith in the team.”


This game was packed with scoring, storylines, big plays, even trick plays, but the game ended with Eagles all pro defensive lineman Brandon Graham coming up with the only sack of the game (also causing Brady to fumble). The Eagles then killed more than half the time left on the clock and kicked a field goal, all but sealing their victory.


“I thought if the defense could ever make a play, then the game would be over,” said Mr. David Lynch, math and computer science teacher and Eagles fan. “It took until the very very end, that one important series, to get that stop. And that was it.”