Farewell Mr. Derango

Guilford students and staff say goodbye to a beloved teacher and mentor

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Farewell Mr. Derango

Brandon Baltis, Reporter

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After 33 years of teaching, Mr. Derango will be retiring. Mr. Derango has taught wind ensemble, marching band, and other beginning bands, including the Eisenhower Middle School band classes. Mr. Josh Jacobo will take over teaching some of the band classes as well as conducting student band concerts. Other teachers may teach those other band classes.

“I don’t want to disclose too much due to some other things going on around his retirement,” said Mr. Jacobo.

Over the past couple of months Mr. Derango has been taking a step back and having Mr. Jacobo direct the orchestra. Next year he will be taking over beginning band. However, Mr. Derango has not completely stopped directing the band. He conducted the Christmas concert as well as multiple concerts before the Christmas concert.

“He really makes band classes and concerts fun for all of us and I’m really sad to see him go,” said William Thorton, sophomore.

Many students have decided to continue band after Mr. Derango leaves due to their love and passion for music; however, they are sad to see him leave after being such a strong influences.

“He is a great and respectable teacher who makes class fun for us all,” said Gabby Roth, junior.

Next year, Mr. Nolting or Mrs. Hedinger may teach the band classes that Mr. Jacobo does not teach. They may also lead these classes in concerts.

“I’m really going to miss Mr. Derango. He really makes class entertaining for everyone,” said Alyssa Pagan, sophomore.

Teachers, too, will miss Mr. Derango.

“The school will just not be the same without the sounds of “867-5309” and “Immigrant Song” echoing down the Drama hallway,” said Mr. Daniel Bingley, English and newspaper teacher.