Drama students participate in Rockford area theatre fest


Riley DeBoer, Reporter

  Rockford Public Schools held its annual All City Theatre Festival on January 29th at the Nordlof Center during the school day. This was a departure from previous years, in which the festival was held after school.

  The event consisted of various workshops that students could attend and learn different theater techniques. Approximately twenty Guilford acting and tech theatre students attended the trip, along with students from other middle schools and high schools in the Rockford school district. Over 130 students from different schools were there to participate.

  “This year was awesome compared to other years,” said Mrs. Melissa Wolf, Acting teacher and head of this year’s event. “We pulled off a new format and it worked really well. It being during the day meant that more kids were able to attend.”

  Students participated in four different hour long workshops. There was also an all day workshop that only eight select students participated in that taught students everything to know about an acting audition.

  “It was a very fun experience for me,” said Sadie Kruse, senior. “I got to know the people there very well and progressed a great deal on my acting.”

  Another new thing this year was that the workshops were taught by professionals in their respective fields. In the past, they often were taught by teachers who worked in RPS schools. Professional companies who attended this year’s festival include the [usual] Suspects, Starlight Theatre, Evolve Dance Company, and Artists’ Ensemble Theatre Company.

  “It was nice that the professionals were able to teach the courses,” said Mrs. Wolf. “The kids were able to get a better experience overall.”