An emotional night in swimming

Seniors say goodbye to their second home


Isabella Pumo, Opinion Editor

Every student athlete longs for the day where they gain public recognition for their accomplishments and hard work. Senior night does just that. On January 18, the boys swim team went head to head with Rockford Christian and left with 36 personal bests as a team.

The stands were packed edge to edge with ecstatic friends and family. Each of the senior boys was recognized individually by Treighton Hoang, junior captain.

“I was a little nervous, but more honored and full of joy to honor them,” said Hoang. “No one in the school really knows how much effort and courage goes into doing what they do.”

It was a special night for all of the swimmers, especially the seniors. Many of them, like Milan Patel, have been on the team for their entire high school careers. Although the season can be grueling, it’s become somewhat of a staple of their day to day lives.

“There was a sadness that set in when I realized that it’s almost over,” said Patel. “This is your last year and your last time seeing some of these guys. It’s bittersweet, but a little more bitter than sweet.”

The swimmers weren’t the only ones who were touched by the outward displays of affection. The numerous friends and families, along with the coaches, were there to reminisce about the years gone by.

“Coaching gives me a chance to help young people discover their limits and learn that they’re much farther out than they can imagine,” said Mr. William Miner, who has been Guilford’s head swim coach for the past 13 years.