How much Christmas plays a role in other holidays and traditions

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How much Christmas plays a role in other holidays and traditions

Karina Castanon, News Editor

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During the holidays, students and their families often have their own unique traditions. In a melting pot of a country like the United States with a wide range of people from different cultures and backgrounds, people have multiple ways of celebrating holidays like Christmas, or not celebrating it at all.

Some students look forward to searching for the perfect tree, decorating the house with lights and mistletoe, and finding that perfect gift for a loved one. Although this is the typical tradition portrayed in the media, there is a whole other population who do not celebrate the same traditions.

Some students have religions that do not recognize the holidays, but they still have fun traditions that they celebrate with their family. Mariaelena Mendez, freshman, is part of the Jehovah Witness religion that includes practices such as evangelism, which is the spreading of the Christian gospel by public preaching or personal witness.

“My religion influences us not to celebrate it,” said Mendez. “We kind of just disregard the holiday. Our traditions include summer cook outs, and my favorite part is the food and the association.”

Some students who do not celebrate Christmas still incorporate Christmas traditions to bring into the holidays they do celebrate. Ajla Avdic, sophomore, who practices the Islamic faith, celebrates the holiday Eid, which comes at the end of Ramadan.

“We celebrate Eid two times a year and receive gifts and money, “said Avdic. “It is basically like Christmas.”

According to the Washington Times 90% of Americans celebrate Christmas. That leaves 10% of Americans who do not celebrate it. In a Guilford poll, 24% of students claimed to celebrate something other than Christmas.

“The whole family aspect is what I love,” said Avdic. “It brings everybody close together.”