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Get to know your GHS bands

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Get to know your GHS bands

Brandon Baltis, Reporter

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Guilford has a very large band program run by Mr. Rick Derango, who has been teaching for thirty three years. This year the music department welcomed a new teacher, Mr. Josh Jacobo. The GHS band participates in many school events including the concerts, the spring musical, and sporting events.

“Concerts are really fun and simple,” said Angelina Vernola, junior. “I’ve been doing it for such a long time that they are just very casual nowadays.”

People who take band continue it throughout high school. After one year in band students progress to a higher level within the band program.

“I enjoy going out into the public,” said Vernola. “It gets to show off Guilford’s band and it helps to draw people to the concerts.”

At the end of this year, Mr. Derango will be retiring. Mr. Jacobo will take over teaching his classes and also directing for the band and orchestra classes in performances at both school and non-school related events.

“I’m sad to see him go,” said Gabby Roth, Junior. “He’s such a great teacher and he makes the class a lot of fun.”

Many of the students who have spent multiple years with Mr. Derango are upset to see him go. Mr. Jacobo, however, has been training with Mr. Derango since the beginning of the year. He has helped lead concerts for the band while Mr. Derango watches from the audience.

“I’m going to miss Mr. Derango,” said Will Thorton, sophomore. “He always made class fun for everyone, and I wish I could have another year with him.”

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Get to know your GHS bands