Coach in the spotlight: David Woosley

Guilford teacher and three sport coach embodies the Viking spirit

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Coach in the spotlight: David Woosley

Olivia Hagerty, Chief Editor

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It was a warm fall night for the Boylan vs Guilford 2017 girls’ tennis match, and Dori Russo, sophomore, and the crew were neck and neck with the Titans. Coach David Woosley helped create a strategy of ‘standing back,’ a tennis term for playing off the net, and reminded every girl of their strengths. Russo, playing with her doubles partner Lyndsy Martin, took his advice and won, adding to the Viking score; the team ended up beating the Titans after an unexpected win.

“We weren’t expected to win against Boylan because they were in the same seed as us,” said Russo. “But Woosley created a strategy so we were able to win.”

Like Russo, many people have been inspired by Coach Woosley. Health and Physical education teacher, boys & girl’s tennis coach, and wrestling coach, Woosley has made an impact on Guilford athletics and academics for the GHS Vikings. Three years after coming into the Viking Ship, Mr. Woosley has found his place.

“I have been to three schools and this place is by far the best place I have worked at,” said Mr. Woosley. “I love Guilford. There is so much diversity in the student body and I love the interactions with the students here.”

Coaching three sports has opened the door for many connections and relationships for Mr. Woosley. Dylan Burton, senior wrestler, has been motivated and determined to improve with his coach’s help.

“He has showed me that no matter how many times you get knocked down and beaten, you will always be able to get back up and work harder to be better,” said Burton. “Woosley has humor. It’s like no other and he never ceases to get a laugh out of me.”

Mr. Woosley never fails to get students involved in the three sports he plays because he wants as many kids as possible to try the sport. Russo never saw herself playing tennis, but Woosley encouraged her to do it and she doesn’t regret it.

“He recruited me for tennis after I had never thought of being involved in a fall sport until he talked to me,” said Russo. “He is very dedicated and cares for every one of his players both individually and as a team.”

Never thinking he would be a head coach of three sports, Mr. Woosley decided to step in the position and go for it. Balancing coaching and teaching can come with many challenges, but with the help of his supportive wife, family, and staff, he is able to accomplish it.

“The teaching and coaching aspect is so hard as far as managing time, but I make it a point to balance everything the best I can,” said Mr. Woosley. “My goal is to make everything as fun as I can because life would be boring without having fun. It has all taught me how to manage time and be a hard worker.”

Guilfords goal is to be ‘Guilford Strong’, and with the help of people like Mr.Woosley it is accomplished every day. Woosley takes pride in what being a Viking stands for and couldn’t be happier about what he gets to do on a day to day basis.

“Guilford and its athletics is on the rise,” said Mr. Woosley. “We as a whole are always improving and getting better. I don’t have a dream job anymore because I’m living it.”