Black Friday, 364 days in the making — An American Classic

Titus Copeland, Reporter

Black Friday has come and gone, and many people were excited for those reduced sales. But there’s a question that people should be asking: Do people consider Black Friday a holiday? Technically, it’s not a federal holiday, but I consider it a public holiday. Many people spend their time lining up for stores like Target or Walmart. What makes Black Friday special is that it’s the day after Thanksgiving and the first of the Christmas shopping season in which businesses and retailers have prices reduced dramatically. It is often described as the busiest shopping day of the year. In the spirit of Black Friday, Cyber Monday became one of the biggest online shopping days of the year since 2005.
It would make sense that some people might consider black Friday a holiday since it is on the first day of Christmas shopping. But it would make more sense if Black Friday was the start of a new type of culture people are used to these days. In 1950, the term Black Friday was used to describe the city of Philadelphia going crazy for a big Army-Navy football game every year on Saturday after Thanksgiving. Years later, it’s now the term for retailers who are able to make a big profit every year.

Black Friday has also been associated with some major crises. Customers have been injured; others have even been shot at, and a few people have actually died.

The authorities created a system to decrease the number of people who have injured or have even died from Black Friday. This system is called the mass notification that sends alerts or provides instructions for people who are in crisis.  It also alerts the police department or fire department if the employees or the public is in danger.  So it’s a relief to the customers who want to play it safe knowing that the authorities are able to try to prepare for the disasters of Black Friday. And Black Friday isn’t the only time of year where the authorities have to be involved in serious confrontations or crises.  Halloween is one the most dangerous holiday for kids, and St. Patricks Day and the Fourth of July are the two holidays most dangerous to adults. Often on Halloween, there’s a call from parents involving their children in a car accident because of drunk driving or kids not seeing where there going because of their costumes.

Black Friday may have a bad reputation from time to time, but no one can argue against its impact on the American people and our culture.