A look into GHS basketball


Kai'terra Ross, Reporter

The 2017-2018 boys and girls basketball season has begun, and both teams hope to prove they have what it takes to compete to be on top of Nic-10’s list.

“I hope the entire basketball program works to better their best on a daily basis,” says Matt Huels, head coach of girls’ varsity team. “If a commitment is made to get better each and every day, then a positive change will happen over the course of the season.”

Coaches and players are excited for the new season and hope to see better things coming. Nik Stadelman, sophomore varsity player, believes this team has a lot to offer and is looking to improve on last year’s 3 win season.

“I hope to see our team working better together than last year,” said Stadelman.  “Hopefully we are in higher Nic-10 standings than last year.”

Both teams’ goals this season are to improve from last year and work on different individual skills to get better.

“Working together, communication skills, and relationship bonding on the court will definitely help us get better this year,” said Ty’Meria Taylor, junior.

Mylaiah Ezeofor, junior, wants to improve the game and get to know her new team mates this year. Transferring from Lutheran High School, Ezeofor has accepted her new team and is ready for the season as a Viking.

“I can describe my team as hardworking and funny,” said Ezeofor. “Everyone on the team is very welcoming and helpful.”

This years’ boys’ team consists of nine returning players and five new players. Only having one senior, eight juniors, and five sophomores, the boys hope to accomplish a lot with such a young team.

“We’re new and green this year,” said Joshua Williams, junior.  “The competition level we will be playing on is ridiculously high because our team is so young, but we are definitely ready for what we have to take on.”

Accomplishing goals that a coach has set is always on an athlete’s mind. Daviona Storey, senior, loves the game, her team, and playing for Guilford. Her final season is something important for her.

“From day in and day out the game is always on my mind,” said Storey. “Our team is a family, we may not get along but I can call on them and vice versa. I hope as a team we can accomplish goals our coach has set for us.”

The girls’ team has ten returning girls and four new girls. Of the four girls, two are freshmen, and two are juniors.

“This year’s team has great depth,” said Huels. “Each day in practice all girls are committed to competing against each other to make each other better.”