Are pajamas appropriate at school?

Are pajamas appropriate at school?

Monika Patel

During the week of homecoming, students had pajama day as one of their theme days. On this day, students were allowed to wear their pajamas to school. However, even though homecoming is now over, some students still come to school wearing pajamas.


“I wear pajamas to school because I like to be different,” said Salvador Salas-Godinez, freshman. “I don’t want to be like other kids. I’d rather be weird than normal.”


While some students like to wear pajamas, other students do not like the idea of wearing pajamas to school. Guadalupe Serrano, freshman, believes that students wear pajamas because it is the easiest thing to do in the morning.


“Some students might wear pajamas to school because they may be tired and don’t feel like dressing up or waking up early to dress up,” said Serrano. “Students may have so much homework one night and so they stay up late to finish it. Then they’re so tired the next morning that they don’t feel like dressing up and just wear pajamas.”


The overload of homework at night makes students stay up late to finish it and then too tired the next morning to wake up early the next morning to dress decently for school. Overtiredness leads students to just wear their pajamas to school.


“They’re comfy,” said Spanish teacher Mrs. Amy Avery. “Students want to be comfortable.”


Students should come to school being comfortable. If they are not comfortable, then they are less likely to concentrate in class. However, are pajamas an appropriate attire to wear to school almost every day?


“I think it is,” said Godinez. “I think you should have a choice to wear whatever you want.”


“You should look professional going to school,” said Serrano. “School is preparing you for your future job or college so if you are going to go to school in your pajamas it’s not going to look professional. If you go to your job in your pajamas, you’re going to get fired.”


High school is the place that gets students ready for college and their potential career. It is the professional foundation of students’ future. If students act and behave in school as if they would at college or their future job, then it seems sensible to dress accordingly. But do teachers and administrators not take students seriously if they see them walking around in pajamas?


“As long as they are staying awake they can be comfortable, but just stay awake during class and we’re okay,” said Mrs. Avery.