Opening doors at Guilford

After a long anticipated wait, seniors are finally able to take advantage of their new freedom

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Opening doors at Guilford

Riley DeBoer, Reporter

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For several years now, Guilford students have wanted the opportunity to have off-campus lunch. Up until this year, the option has been unavailable. But starting this year, the school has begun to initiate off campus lunch, with some restrictions. The privilege is currently only allotted to seniors who are meeting the following criteria: passing all of their classes, having no behavioral issues, and having a permission slip signed.

Students only have one class period to leave campus, do what they want to do, and get back to school. This limited amount of time has some students thinking that it is not enough.

“I think that they should increase the time that is allowed,” said Joshua Winegar, senior. “Fifty minutes isn’t enough time to get anything done.”

After leaving campus, students may do one of a number of things. Some will go out to eat while others will simply go home for a little bit.

“I have left for open campus twice,” said Shpetim Jakupi, senior. “Both times I just went home and took a short nap.”

Going off-campus is a bit more complicated than just leaving the building. The process of leaving requires seniors to have to get their ID’s scanned by security at the front entrance and be back before the end of their lunch hour. Many students think that this process is tedious and time consuming, with some even wondering if it is even worth leaving. Other students say that they don’t like that they have to go out the front door any time they want to leave.

“I think that we shouldn’t have to walk around the school just to get to our cars,” said Jakupi. “They should allow us to go out of the back doors as well as the front doors.”

Even with its problems, the system has kept things organized. There has been only one tardy due to this so far and it isn’t relatively busy, with only about student seven people leaving every hour.

“I think things would be smoother if students have their ID’s ready,” said Mr. Rashod Martin, security guard.