Students attend Career Expo


Zekia Daniels and Kai'terra Ross

The Career Expo field trip, which reaches out to the freshmen of District 205, was hosted at Mercy Health Indoor Sports Complex. There were four sessions, two in the morning and two afternoon sessions. The arrangement of the field trip was split into the four academies: Human Public Services (HPS), Health Sciences (HS), Business, Arts, Modern World Languages and Information Technology (BAMIT), and Engineering, Manufacturing, Industrial and Trade Technology (EMITT).

“It was well run, as far as the lay out,” said Mr. Shrank, freshmen academy principal. “Students were exposed to a lot of different career choices. Overall it was a great experience; we had 398 freshmen attend out of 440.”

The HPS) showcased many different careers based on the academy. Some of the booths that were set up for this section were policemen, firefighters, SWAT team, and CINTAS uniform company.

“The fake simulator for practicing CPR really interested me because I want to become a doctor when I get older,” said Virdal Hogan, freshman.

The HS academy consists of helping people find careers within fitness, health care associations, and medical services. Some of the booths they had were for physical trainers or even athletic trainers.

“I want to become an athletic trainer after high school and going to the expo field trip gave me some very good insight on what the career has to offer,” said Batya Santusteban, freshman.

The BAMIT academy session offered booths featuring; accounting, entrepreneurs, and graphic designing.

“I want to pursue a career in the field of photography, and going on the field trip showed me some things that I didn’t know were possible in that field,” said Josh Beaoe, freshman.

EMITT booths advertised engineering, welding, and many other job opportunities consistent with the EMITT pathways.

“I thought the aerospace booth was pretty cool,” said Josh Zussman, freshman. “It was very vivid and I really felt like I was flying a plane.”