Motivation in the pool and classroom

Bill Miner continues to make lasting impacts on his swimmers and students


Olivia Loner, Reporter

Mr. Bill Miner has been a long time face of Guilford Swimming and teaching who’s being appreciated by students and staff for his amazing work. Mr. Miner started coaching boys swimming in the 2005-2006 season, and this will be his seventh season with the girl’s team.

Taking on both roles can be a handful because it is constant work and time spent at Guilford.

“I admire his program,” said Diane Singletary, Assistant Coach for the girls swim team.”I feel that he is fair and truly cares about the girls.”

Mr.Miner is known for being welcoming, even to newcomers,while incorporating leadership and dedication in and out of the pool. This year, the girls swim team has many freshmen. The captains for the season are Janelle Ekstrom,Junior and Sophie Bergsten and Olivia Conklin,sophmores.

“It’s a lot of pressure being sophmore captains. He has the captains make a majority of the decisions so that he can focus on what happens in the pool,” said Conklin.

“We have a big role in leading the team and keeping a positive attitude, which Miner is very encouraging of,” said Bergsten.

The boy captains this year are seniors Alex Marshall and Kyle Thurston. The boys season hasn’t started yet, but they are excited to train with Miner for yet another year.

“He expects me to keep the team in high spirits and to keep a positive attitude, even when we might not be getting the results we want,” said Thurston. “He expects me to also be a good role model and to teach the boys common courtesy for meets.”

Mr. Miner is known for his quirky techniques and phrases. Some phrases swimmers often hear are “GET THE LEAD OUT!” Another lovely phrase all the swimmers can’t wait to hear at the end of practice is,“We are adjourned.”

“It means go fast,” said Mr.Miner.” If you have “Lead” in your system, you will go slower. Over the years, swimmers have figured that out, it’s an old expression.”

“The main thing is to go fast,”said Thurston. “The chemical sign for lead is Pb, and in swimming a “Pb” means personal best. So getting the lead out means go fast, and get that personal best.”

Throughout his coaching career, Mr.Miner has impacted lives of swimmers, teachers, and students. The girls swim team started early in August and have much in store for the remainder of the season.

“Miner and the sport taught me that hard work is equivalent to the results you get and has real-life applications,” said Thurston. “Miner has also tutored me out of the pool in my main goal in life, which is literature studies.”

Mr.Miner has high expectations for all, which can be challenging and motivational at the same time.

“My life at Guilford has made for longer days and relationships that still persist,” said Mr. Miner. “When swimmers and students come back, it makes swimming and coaching worth it, something I didn’t know in my previous life.”